"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead."

“Photography can capture a split second of something exquisite.” - Kiera Cass

Wedding Photographer serving Southern California

"I just had the pleasure of putting your work up on my Facebook. Going through the pictures took me literally hours! I couldn't narrow it down! I loved them all too much!!! I've had the opportunity because of my profession to work with a lot of photographers. May I say, you are the best photographer ever. You're a dream to work with and you gave me the pictures of my dreams. It only fits! Thank you!"

"We love you!!! That was such a fun day! Thanks so much for capturing it exactly the way we wanted it. Literally so perfect, couldn't be happier! You are the best!!"   -Alyssa

"Everything went so smoothly I couldn't have asked for a better photographer!! You were the complete package and the pictures are truly so amazing and polished to perfection. You were phenomenal with your ideas in making sure we looked our best in every photo. I looked a princess that day as every bride should on their wedding day and the pictures truly brought it to life. You understood what I wanted and how special that day was for me.

“I am rarely impressed with other photographers and their ability, but I am so blown away by your talent, your personality, and your professional conduct is top notch. Now I am equally impressed that both are present!”
(father of the bride)

"Oh my gosh Angie, I love the photos!!!!!! You are amazing! Thank you so much! We’ve gotten sooooo many compliments on your pictures. We are so happy with them! We had so much fun are are so glad we found you!!!!"

"Working with you was so comfortable, easy, and natural. You are so easy to get along with that it felt like you were a part of our family. You are always so pleasant and upbeat! You brought a great positive energy to the busy nature of the day. Normally in pictures what I notice first are all the flaws whether it be blemishes, makeup, hair out of place...etc. The pictures that I received from you are practically flawless. I love that I love my pictures, and I love that they turned out just as perfect as my wedding day was. Thank you so much again!"

"We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts all that you did for us at our wedding. We absolutely loved our photos!!! You are awesome and have a very special talent. Everyone enjoyed the photo session and it was so easy and fun working with you. We love you Angie!!! Thanks! 
-Shelem & Jonathan


Louisa May Alcott said, “The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.” I often tell my clients how beautiful they are. And I'm not lying when I say it! I believe there is beauty in everyone and everything. I am passionate about capturing that beauty through my photography. Beauty is more than just the faces of those I photograph. It’s the feeling the photograph conveys: love, laughter, and that one perfect moment where everything is right with the world. Emily Dickinson said it best when she wrote, “Beauty is not caused. It is.” My goal is to capture the beauty that already exists in you. 

I asked the people closest to me what my beautiful qualities are. Some of the words people used to describe me were: compassionate, genuine, kind, lighthearted, fun, spontaneous, ambitious, courageous, passionate, and enthusiastic. I'm a wife, mother of three small children, and a former elementary school teacher. Between my stay-at-home job as a mother and my photography, I think I've got the two best jobs in the world. My faith and my family are my highest priorities in life, and I am so blessed!

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