Redlands Prospect Park Family Session: Starring the Starr’s!

by Angie

October 26, 2013

These adorable teens have the coolest last name ever.  Starr.  I want to steal it.  I want to use it for my girl’s middle names.  I want to write it as my signature and draw a little star next to it each time I write it!
Last year we did photos of these three.  There was not a drop of snow on the ground, so for their photos, they dressed as if they were getting ready to go play in the snow, brought a sled, and did a shoot of the kids being disappointed there was no snow.  The card read, “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!”  It was way too cute!
These teens are seriously good kids!  They are friendly, sweet and totally adorable!  I love their sense of stele and their beautiful smiles.  Thanks for letting me capture your amazingness kiddos!  😉

Redlands Family Photographer: K Family
Redlands Prospect Park Family Photos: Samantha & Daniel

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