Redlands Wedding: Andrea + Matt

by Angie

April 3, 2014

Matt and Andrea were married in the beautiful Redlands LDS Temple last week on what I consider to be one of the most beautiful days of the year!  Not too hot or cold, sunny, blue skies and everything was blooming for spring!  Ahhhhh.  But let’s talk about how they met!
Andrea had a strong impression that she needed to give online dating a shot.  She signed up for a 30-day free trial and gave it a fair chance with dates that weren’t all too fabulous.  Wish no intentions of renewing, the DAY BEFORE her account expired Matt signed up, they connected and planned to meet for hot chocolate.  Andrea said that she was comfortable right away and that they talked for three hours straight!  She left on cloud 9 hoping for another date with Matt.  He waited a couple days then texted her and Andrea was floating she was so happy!  After another date that weekend, they just couldn’t stay apart.
As Andrea was telling me this cute story Matt listened and watched her with a great big grin on his face.  So cute.  Andrea told me that at one point before they got engaged she had told Matt that she wished they could just always be together.  His response?  “Well there’s one way to do that!”  (Can you imagine all the butterflies going on at this point?)
Not too long after that they got engaged.  Andrea chose her ring and thank goodness because he never would have picked that ring!  Their taste in pretty much everything is polar opposite!  They discovered that even more as they were registering for wedding gifts.  But I am so impressed with these two–they are totally on the right track in their marriage because compromising for one another started even BEFORE they were married.  She wanted light pink and light olive green for her wedding colors.  He mentioned that it needed more color.  She realized that this wedding wasn’t all about what SHE wanted, but what THEY wanted, so they added in a raspberry pink for Matt.
Years ago I took a marriage class, and the teacher always told the students that the way to a happy marriage is to be “others’ centered.”  Focus on your spouse and their needs and desires before your own and you will both be happy.  They started early–these two are going to have a fabulous marriage!  I have no doubt!

Rancho Cucamonga Photographer: Tolman Family
San Diego LDS Temple Wedding: Tai + Ricky

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