Rancho Cucamonga / Lytle Creek Photographer: Stapley Family

by Angie

January 14, 2015

I can’t tell you how much I love this mama.  Megan and I have been friends since we were born. Literally.  Our parents were best friends who played games and ate M&M’s together on a weekly basis, pulled off some amazing pranks together, planned many fun and crazy parties, took us on vacations and camping together,  bought all the kids matching clothes, and provided us with an insanely fun childhood.  Megan (and her siblings) are cousins to me.  We used to call us “kissing cousins” but that term sounds pretty strange these days.  We still introduce each other as cousins and I just love her to pieces.

Megan has an incredible family.  Her husband is loving, hard-working, funny and hard-working.  Her children are so sweet, smart and fun!  And of course how could I think Megan is anything less than amazing!  She is always thinking of others, she’s a good listener, a fabulous conversationalist, always smiling, positive and has the best personality.  How couldn’t I not brag about my “cousin” for a minute?  Enjoy these beauties!  Cuz they are inside and out!


Wedding Photographer: San Diego Temple: McKenna + Chase
Photographer near Rancho Cucamonga: Bullock Family

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