Redlands Temple Wedding: Kajsa + Art

by Angie

April 7, 2015

Kajsa and Art met at their church.  They had many friends cheering for them to date, and once it finally happened I believe everyone was ecstatic for them!  These two are an amazing pair!  They are hard-working and down-to-earth.  They are some of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet.  I asked them what they hoped I’d capture most about them on their wedding day and they both agreed that they wanted their photos to show how happy they are together.  And they truly are.  Both just glow when they are around each other!

The wedding day was perfectly perfect!  The blue skies but not too hot.  Wonderful friends and family who adore and support them.  And not the mention the details of the reception.  Between Kajsa, her mother and their dear friends, they pulled off the most incredible DIY details.  Check them out!  They had so many meaningful details as well that I absolutely loved.  Three generations of dresses from her mother, to her grandmother to her great-grandmother were displayed along with photos of each of them in their wedding gowns.  Also there were several items that had to do with Germany.  Kajsa speaks German and loves German things.  You’ll notice her German cake topper as well as a picture with German wording found at a vintage store that she based her colors around.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Enjoy these two, happy lovebirds.  They are too cute!

San Diego Temple Wedding: Lisa + Dallin
Photographer in Rancho Cucamonga: Davina

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