Redlands Wedding, The Contemporary Club: Callie + Christopher

by Angie

August 20, 2015

Callie and Christopher met through common friends.  They dated long distance as he served in the Navy then bought a home in the Phoenix, Arizona area, while Callie worked as an academic counselor at a Christian college nearby!  She loved her job, but loved Christopher even more.  <3  Once they got married she packed her bags and moved to Arizona with her love!  They adore each other so much!

The wedding day well so well-planned and went absolutely perfectly.  Callie had one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen.  She rocked that dress, and she knew all the posing well–she’s a photographer herself!

The day was also emotional.  Just months before her wedding, Callie’s only sibling, her twin brother, passed away.  They were close, as is her entire family, and several times as he was recognized and thought of, the family bowed their heads and teared up.  Callie “remembered” her brother by tying his class ring around her bouquet, which you will notice in some photos.  She and her daddy also had a special dance, and his photo was displayed to remind everyone that they were missing a very important person, and that that person was very loved.  As the photographer witnesses these sweet moments, I was choked up myself.

Enjoy the photos from this beautiful wedding!




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