Rancho Cucamonga Engagement: Diana + Parker

by Angie

February 9, 2016

Parker, from Washington, was living in Highland and was attending school, working toward becoming an Oral Surgeon.  Diana had just finished serving an 18 month mission for her church in Boise, Idaho, and had moved home to San Bernardino and began working.  They met at church, and though it wasn’t totally love at first sight for Diana, you better believe that Parker fell for Diana the second he laid eyes on her!  Diana was not yet interested in dating, but as they hung out more as friends she began to see that he was worth getting to know better.  During one of their friendly conversations, they found that they were both interested in gardening.  So naturally, 😉 they decided to plant a garden together!  Through the caring and cultivating of their veggies, Diana began to fall in love with Parker, and Parker fell even more deeply in love with  Diana!  In no time, Diana was making dinners and spoiling her man, while, though he was a private person, Parker couldn’t help but announce to the world, through social media pictures and posts, his adoration for his amazing and gorgeous girlfriend, Diana!  Soon after they were engaged to be married……..

Rancho Cucamonga Engagement Photos_002 Rancho Cucamonga Engagement Photos_003 Rancho Cucamonga Engagement Photos_004 Rancho Cucamonga Engagement Photos_005 Rancho Cucamonga Engagement Photos_006 Rancho Cucamonga Engagement Photos_007 Rancho Cucamonga Engagement Photos_008 Rancho Cucamonga Engagement Photos_009

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