Redlands Smiley Public Library: Kimmy + Maxwell

by Angie

January 14, 2015


This stunning couple is expecting a baby soon! I have to mention that when they first started dating, I took photos of Kimmy’s family. Maxwell came along to enjoy the show and I snapped a photo of them at that point in their relationship. They were head-over-heels giddy and happy together, and I must say they still portray that same feeling! I can tell they are VERY happily married and I know that their child will bring them an even deeper joy in their marriage. That is one lucky child to be born into a home where the parents love and adore not only their child, but each other as well. Here’s to a smooth delivery, and speedy recovery and a lifetime of happiness! Thanks for allowing me to capture your baby bump!

Photographer near Rancho Cucamonga: Bullock Family
Redlands Temple Anniversary: Josh + Kelsey

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