Photographer in Rancho Cucamonga: Stewart Family

by Angie

June 5, 2015

We took the Stewart family photos at a beautiful nature location in Rancho Cucamonga (which are hard to find–I can attest to that!)  The lighting is always beautiful there and the photos turn out beautiful!   

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this family!  Come to find out, they are related to some of my friends!  Always great to make connections–you almost feel like you already somewhat know people when you make a connection!  The Stewart kids were absolutely delightful!  They made my job easy!  It was a simple task to get them to smile–and even better laugh!  You can tell what happy little things they are simply from looking at their adorable faces!

In case you were unaware, photographers are very hard on themselves.  With social media and such, I personally follow a ton of photographers.  I can’t help but compare myself to them.  So when Annie sent me an email about how much she loved her photos I couldn’t help but tear up.  I am so appreciative of clients taking the time to tell me how much their photos mean to them.  Here’s what she wrote to me:

“Not to be a goober, but I just have to tell you again how much I LOVE these photos.  I had ordered my pictures and then we were out of town, so I just received the prints yesterday.  So fantastic.  I will definitely be passing your name out to those who want referrals.  You are really, really good (which I’m sure you know, but I still wanted to tell you)!  Thank you.  I am so happy we had you do our family pictures!”

Thank you Annie.  That means the world to me!


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