LA Temple Wedding: Kalyn + Adam

by Angie

August 19, 2015

I absolutely love Kalyn and Adam’s love story. They met while they were both serving a mission for their church in Germany. Although not allowed to date on a mission, Adam and Kalyn became friends and he was totally impressed with the type of person she was. He even tried to find out if he’d ever have a chance with her by asking questions like, “Would you ever date a guy from the mission?” and “Would you ever marry a guy from the mission?” And her response was always a big, huge, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Kalyn finished her 18 month mission before Adam finished his two year mission, but he included her in his weekly emails to his family, and then wrote her personal emails every month. Kalyn always just considered him a friend–nothing more. But when he got home from his mission, he took a quick trip to Utah, where Kalyn was living. His family knew he was in love with Kalyn, so his sister ended up calling Kallyn and asking if she’d go to dinner with them. They were both nervous, but hit it off.
Kalyn went worrying to her roommate that Adam was an elder from the mission and she couldn’t date him! Her roommate pretty much told her it didn’t matter a bit and she better date him!
The lovebirds ended up dating long distance and would Skype every night. She knew she was really falling in love with him when she was asked out on dates with other guys, but she turned them down just so she could go look at a computer screen and talk to Adam.
It wasn’t long before the two knew they wanted to be together forever, and they were so excited to be in each other’s arms when the long distance thing came to an end. And boy you can tell they are so in love! What a perfect day!
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