Janet + Jim’s Romantic Engagement; Redlands Engagement Photographer

by Angie

March 7, 2016

After photographing Janet’s daughter, Amy’s engagement photos in downtown Redlands, and wedding at the Mitten Building, Janet inquired about photographing her engagement photos and wedding as well!  I was ecstatic that I was available for her wedding day–remembering how much fun she and Jim were at Amy’s wedding!

As Janet planned for their engagement session, she thought about the things that they loved to do together, which included things like outdoor recreation such as hiking, walking and biking.  They also like to dine and drink and just enjoy each other’s company.  We started at beautiful Prospect Park in Redlands where we set up a picnic of wine and cheese and captured Janet and Jim doing what they love to do together!  It was a romantic scene, and I can’t even begin to tell you how head-over-heels Jim is about Janet.  He just adores her from head to toe!  Then they pulled out their awesome tandem bike and took a fun little ride.  Oh my gosh what a dream.  I’ve always wanted to tandem bike with my honey!  It was such a whimsical moment.

We finished off at historic Smiley Public Library.  It is one of the most amazing libraries with beautiful foliage and a courtyard in the back.  It has dreamy doors and an amazing pillared, outdoor hallway.  Also in the back is a memorial called the Lincoln Memorial Shrine which is an absolutely gorgeous little building and museum itself.  It has two water features on either side, and offers such a serene location for photos.  Janet and Jim dressed up more for this location and we captured them just being themselves–completely in love, and just plain happy together.

Redlands Engagement Photos_001 Redlands Engagement Photos_002 Redlands Engagement Photos_004 Redlands Engagement Photos_003 Redlands Engagement Photos_005 Redlands Engagement Photos_006 Redlands Engagement Photos_007 Redlands Engagement Photos_008 Redlands Engagement Photos_010 Redlands Engagement Photos_014 Redlands Engagement Photos_013 Redlands Engagement Photos_012 Redlands Engagement Photos_009

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